Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I have placed my order. When will I get Orimagi Jungle Set? 

A: Thank you very much for your order. We will ship the order within 1-2 business days and provide the tracking number. We mainly use USPS Priority Mail and it will take 1-3 business days to be delivered.

Q: Can you ship to addresses outside the United States? 

A: Unfortunately, we usually don’t ship to addresses outside the United States because of the high shipping cost and different toy regulations. If you are interested in trying out our product and are not in the United States, you can contact us directly at We will try our best to help you.

Q: What age is Orimagi Jungle Set designed for?

A: Orimagi Jungle Set is designed for children age 5 and up. For younger children within this age range, parents may need to provide some help when they are learning and creating. Actually, our product is also fun for adults. 


Q: Is it hard to build an Orimagi robot? 

A: We tried our best to make the building process easy and fast so kids can keep creating. We recommend going through the Hello Worm project first. It should take about 15 minutes and will introduce all the concepts of our building system. If the manual is a bit difficult to understand, OriApp has step by step video tutorials. 

Q: Which device is compatible with the Orimagi smartphone app? 

A: Our app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Your device does need to have Bluetooth Low Energy function to control the robots. You can download our smartphone app, OriApp, in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Q: Why are video tutorials not loading in OriApp? 

A: Our video tutorials are stored in the cloud. Please make sure you have internet access and preferably WIFI. In rare cases, something may go wrong in our App, you can try completely closing the app and reopening it. We are also planning to upload video tutorials to Youtube. Stay Tuned!


Q: The connection between the OriBendy and my smart devices seems unstable and slow. How can I improve it?

A: The bluetooth performance may differ from device to device. During our testing, we noticed that on some about 5 years old devices the connection may be unstable. We recommend turning off as many background apps as possible. Turning off the bluetooth and then turning it back on may also help. 


Q: Some components are missing or broken. What should I do? 

A: Please contact us at and describe what happened. We will try our best to help you replace the components and continue having fun. 

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