Orimagi Jungle Set

Combine origami, robotics and imagination to create your own world of animal characters.

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What is the Jungle Set designed for?

Kids are born to be creative. By combining art and robots, Orimagi lets them express that in original, exciting ways. They can explore and portray their imagination through play. And it allows them to see, understand and interact with technology in a way that’s inclusive, accessible and fun.

What's in the Box

① Foldable Jungle Map
② My Orimagi Toolbox
③ Make-me Book
④ Origami Paper

⑤ Crease Patterns
⑥ OriBendy Smart Motor 
⑦ USB Cable 
⑧ Clips

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High-quality origami paper, pop-out crease pattern designs and Oribendy smart motors make it easy for kids ages 5 and up to fold, color and build their own paper jungle of cute animatronic characters.

​Origami Art

Origami art teaches geometry, engineering, and science. It is the best medium to cultivate hands-on abilities and spatial imagination, and it is a creative outlet for the imagination.

Crease Pattern


Open-ended modular components extract the core motion elements of the robot which allow kids to build different robotic structures and encourages them to think and test ideas quickly.

OriBendy Smart Motor

The innovative and remote-controlled motor with six control modes perfectly connects the robotic building system and brings the animal characters to life

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The Jungle Series is a robotic creative toolbox that encourages children to express themselves and delve into the world of art and technology. Children become the directors of their own worlds as they create a jungle through a creative library, multiple robot control methods, character creation, storytelling, landscape design and even coding.

Your World
Your Rule

Play games, tell stories, compete with friends or create new characters, accessories and landscapes. The only limit is their imagination. It’s their jungle, their rules!

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Idea Hub

With the OriApp, Orimagi will keep updating new activities, exciting ideas, and inspiration to provide endless creative time.

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Move It

Different control methods in OriApp allow kids to interact with their robots by touching, moving, or even talking. At the same time, they experience cutting-edge technology such as servo, accelerometer, microphone, and Bluetooth.

Learn Coding

Graphical programming blocks make coding your creations easy and straightforward. The characters can be programmed to make a sequence of movements and react to motion and sound, giving them more personalities. 

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Kids can fold, draw and customize their animals. The personal and emotional bond built between kids and their creations breaks down the barrier to learning technology. 

Make it personal

Origami is the best medium for kids to express themselves creatively. With just a pen, a piece of paper and creative mind, kids can easily make a cheeky elephant, a crafty tiger or even a naughty monkey.

Bring it to life

Modular robotic parts allow creations to have different movements and postures. By simply adding legs, arms or tails, kids can make their animals to jump, swing and even talk.