Art-focused robot kit that inspires creative STEM mind in a natural way.

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What is Orimagi Jungle Set

Orimagi Jungle Set is filled with delightful origami characters that kids can form by folding paper and robots together. Their creations take on life as children learn, play and express themselves.


An open-ended, modular, robotic building system that combines art and technology to foster the creative mind and technological enlightenment in a natural and intuitive way.


Kids design, draw and personalize their characters, creating an emotional connection to their creations that boosts the imagination and helps them see how creativity and technology co-exist.

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Explore the Orimagi Jungle Set by creating new characters, playing games, competing with friends and telling stories. There are endless adventures and you can make your own rules!

Creative Toy Inspired by Creative Kids

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We believe the creativity of kids opens the wide possibilities and varied ideas that inspired the Orimagi robots. From concept to prototype stage, we defined, played, and tinkered with imaginative kids. Their ingenuity inspired us to bring new elements to the Orimagi Jungle Set. We see them not as a consumer, but as the future creator.

Orimagi in kids eyes

You can create certain things that I would have never come up with the idea of that!

— William Robinson

Orimagi in School

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We believe Orimagi has huge potential in school. Partner with us to explore what Orimagi can do.
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We used Orimagi in K-6 setting. We were able to match our standards for science, art, geography, math and geometry with the product. You can do so many different cultural events or cross-curricular events. It is an interdisciplinary product. We don’t have to just teach art or geometry. It comes together very well.

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Rupali  Sharma

Founder of The T.E.C. Schools

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